Wise Steps helps people in Tyne & Wear to transform their lives with funding from the Big Lottery Community Fund and the European Social Fund.

If you decide to join us, the first thing we’ll do is pair you up with your very own work coach.

Your coach will be there to help you tackle all the hurdles that come your way in your work search journey, helping you build confidence, manage any money worries and achieve your goals.

Wise Steps will give you a range of opportunities to help you get ready for work. From volunteering and work experience to training and well-being events. You will also receive support during job search, training, volunteering and work experience, as well support once you’ve started a job.

Are You Eligible?

Wise Steps customers must be:

  • Aged 18 and over
  • Legally resident in the UK
  • Able to take paid employment in the European Union
  • Unemployed or economically inactive (e.g. not in work, not available for work or not seeking work)
  • Experiencing multiple barriers towards getting a job.

Contact us to find out if it’s for you

Contact Kay


or call 0737 831 1824

Contact Karen


or call 0749 552 3273